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What Role Technology and Innovation Play in Winterizing Boats

A boat may take a beating throughout the winter. So it's crucial to store it correctly if you want to take it out on the water without any unpleasant surprises the following spring. Inadequately storing your boat might expose it to theft or storm damage, in addition to costly damage from cold water and ice.

Adventures in the great outdoors are now more accessible because of a digital boom of technical advances in the last ten years, ranging from clothing to equipment. But there is still a need for technological advancement when it comes to protecting a boat while it is not in use.

Boats are expensive to fix too. As more specialized equipment, like navigational aids, cameras, sensors, auto docking features, and other features, are added, repairs are getting more expensive and complicated. Because of this, it's more critical than ever to keep your boat correctly and carry out routine preventative maintenance.

On top of being essential for safeguarding the boat's engine, electronics, and other parts, winterizing a boat may also assist owners in securing their significant financial investment if done correctly.

Let’s dive into how technology can play a vital role in keeping boats in good condition during those harsh winter months.

Battery Charging

Long-term storage is better suited to some battery technologies than others. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are among the best options since they require less maintenance. AGM batteries include fiberglass separators between each plate to absorb the electrolyte, in contrast to traditional flooded lead acid batteries that have the plates submerged in a sulfuric acid electrolyte. This makes the battery impervious to leaks and never needs extra electrolytes or water.

The battery should be completely charged before going into storage if it will be dormant for longer than a few weeks, which is normal throughout the winter. The single most crucial step in ensuring that the battery will operate as intended and have a long service life is proper charging. Before charging a battery, make sure to check the manufacturer's instructions or get in touch with a local battery specialist because different battery kinds (chemistries) call for different charging profiles.

Advanced Cover Systems

Komodo covers have developed a system that is ideal for maintaining a boat over the long winter with an impermeable cover and high-grade monitoring system. The first element of Komodo’s system is the tarp. Nothing is haphazardly stitched onto it; instead, it is made via seam welding. The fabric components are joined by this high-frequency welding process at the microscopic level, creating a single cover with no leaks and no weak spots.

Any water can readily drain off the Komodo Cover thanks to its engineering, which maximizes cover tension. This is so that gravity can do its magic and prevent any water from collecting on the cover by raising the roof angle thanks to the inflatable frame (Air Frame).

The second element is the software beneath the cover—the Kommander. There is a 60-watt dehumidifier that extracts water from beneath the boat cover and deposits it in the bilge or out the back of the boat to function. This allows you to unwind without worrying about humidity degrading the upholstery and priceless gadgets aboard the boat. In order to further maintain a regulated climate under the cover, the Kommander is ably accompanied by a casing that generates a pleasant amount of heat.

For more information about our cover, head over to our store!

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