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The Komodo Cover is a revolutionary mooring system that will keep your boat dry and climate-controlled, whether it is on your dock or in your driveway.

Monitor your boat at all times with the Komodo Kommander app. You will have live monitoring of cockpit humidity, temperature, battery voltage, and air frame pressure from anywhere.

The tarp material is 100% waterproof that in combination with sealed seams gives you a truly impervious cover for your boat.

Our slip-on-crank down design makes the cover easy to pull on and tie-down without the need for additional straps, clips, or weights.

The Komodo Inflatable frame is made out of a high-strength TPU bladder in combination with the nylon pvc coated sleeve, making an abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant system. As the battens are inflated up to pressure the cover becomes a hard shell impervious to rain, sleet, and snow. Due to the engineered slope of the cover, it also eliminates the possibility of water pooling on the cover.


Our covers are designed to fit your boat like a custom cover. We are able to accomplish this task by utilizing our rigid structure pulling the slack out of the cover as it inflates. This allows us to fit hundreds of hull and tower designs with the minimum amount of cover models allowing for Same-Day semi-custom covers available at your local dealers.




The Air Frame is constantly monitored and controlled for thermal fluctuations. For inflation, Komodo uses a quick connect valve and hose. For pressure relief, a threaded mechanical pressure valve is used. This allows for a low energy cover pressure maintenance system.

The Air Frame

The Air Frame is a 2 part system: the lightweight durable TPU bladder surrounded in Komodo’s proprietary cover material. This proprietary cover material protects the bladder from any abrasion and puncture possibilities.

The Access

All Komodo Covers are equipped with an access door for entry while the cover is installed on the boat. This feature is an industry first, allowing you to enter your boat without removing your boat cover for maintenance or a forgotten cellphone.


Fitment & Function is a driving force for The Komodo Cover. We engineer our covers to fit a variety of brands in the same category. This allows Komodo to focus on the details and fitment of every cover.  Off the shelf, The Komodo Cover will fit your boat.



The Komodo Cover can save you ~$2,500.00/year. Whether you store your boat in a field or in a heated storage facility, the Komodo Cover will save you money each year. Protecting the upholstery & electronics of each boat is critical. On top of that, the storage fees are expensive each month. The Komodo Cover is your new storage solution!


The Komodo Cover uses custom made hardware for all of the cover details: tower integration, rear tension straps, rub rail tension strap, etc. Products on the open market did not meet our stringent requirements for ease of use and durability.


The construction of the cover is focused on performance. The exterior of the cover is all seam welded with no sewn seams. Keeping the air in is important for controlling the temperature and humidity under the cover. The High Frequency welding technology, which bonds the pieces of fabric together at a microscopic level, resulting in a 1 piece cover with zero leaks and no weak points.


The proprietary cover material is nonporous and antimicrobial. This allows for mold and mildew free life cycle as well as easy shedding of water, snow and debris.



The Komodo Cover is engineered for maximum cover tension and steep roof angles which allows any water to drain off the cover with ease. The Inflatable Frame (air frame) creates the steep roof angle allowing gravity to work. No water pooling on the cover.

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