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Here’s How Komodo Has Got You Covered

As an industry, boat covers have traditionally not seen much innovation. They are usually a cheap piece of fabric that mostly stops rain from getting into the boat without considering the multiple, often-ignored factors that can affect the upholstery and machinery.

Many boat owners fall into the trap of thinking, “there’s no way a bit of sun and water can affect my boat’s interior too badly - it’s waterproof, right?” In reality, sun damage will cause the upholstery to fade and crack, and saltwater will corrode the interior over time. Protecting the potentially expensive investment of a boat should be the number one priority for boat owners.

This is where it becomes plain sailing for boaters, with Komodo’s hardshell design that is impervious to the elements. A traditional boat cover material is made from a weave with a repellent layer, but if water pools on the cover and seeps through, the cover can quickly become stretched like a wet cotton t-shirt. The Komodo Cover alleviates those typical boating fears of your pride and joy being hit by a storm.

Let’s examine how Komodo’s Cover was made, why it’s easy to use, and the other main advantages.

How the Komodo Cover was created

The idea was initially inspired by the inflatable curved frame of a kiteboard used for kitesurfing. In a lightbulb moment, the creators of the Komodo Cover noticed that boats could use a similar application.

A model was then built in CAD software to give a perspective on the necessary parameters for a real boat. Then, the designs were sent to a cover manufacturing expert, and despite initially struggling to optimize the right angles for the cover, they managed to create a workable prototype. After successful rollout, Komodo is now bringing the whole process in-house, and the result of this will soon be available.

The Ease of Use

Although the Komodo Cover is made from three separate parts (cover, airframe, and Kommander), they can be assembled together as one convenient unit. The distinctive Komodo Airframe is the difference-maker from any other boat covers available on the market. It inflates like a balloon to create a hard shell, and most importantly, in a shape that will never allow water to pool on top of it.

The waterproof cover is extremely lightweight, meaning that it only takes a few minutes to put it on your boat. Additionally, The access door attached to the cover makes the entry to your boat very simple.

Other Key Advantages

Aside from the ease of use of the cover, the cost savings are a huge benefit. Wherever you decide to store your boat, the Komodo Cover can put your mind at ease by protecting your valued upholstery and electronics. The estimated cost of maintaining a boat that isn’t covered correctly can be astronomical – upwards of $4,000 in some cases. The Komodo Cover can save an estimated $2,500 in maintenance costs each year.

An all-encompassing Kommander system controls the cover. It inflates the frame, monitors the interior of the boat while covered, and maintains the air pressure so that the humidity of the boat remains stable. With the peace of mind that the Komodo Cover gives boating enthusiasts, there is more time available for doing what we all love – lakeside cruising.

For more information on our covers, check out our online shop here.

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