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About Komodo

Twenty years ago, you could find the founders of Komodo on the dock, practicing wakeboard tricks on the trampoline and building their own boards and water toys. Their mornings were spent waterskiing and their afternoons were spent loading ballast and wet gear in and out of boats, picking up neighbors and friends for wake sets at the ends of their docks. Inevitably, there was the dash from the hot tub down to the boat to pull a wet, crumpled cover over an even wetter boat when a summer squall would roll through. As the years went by, the boats got nicer, the gear got lighter and the ballast systems more high tech. One thing, though, remained unchanged: the boat cover. An expensive, ill-fitting sack of fabric that was simultaneously almost impossible to get over a boat and so loose that water would inevitably pool in the excess fabric.


Covers couldn’t be waterproof- they would trap any dampness that remained underneath and cause mildew to grow overnight. They couldn’t ever achieve a perfect fit, at least without costing thousands of dollars- all of which were thrown out the window after one big fall storm blew the slack out of the fabric or a spring boat upgrade brought a slightly different hull shape. Come fall, even the nicest covers weren’t sturdy enough to winter a boat in the driveway, so boat owners everywhere are forced to give up their parking spot in the garage or pay more than $300 a month for a heated spot at a storage facility. 


Intelligent boat covers designed with usability, durability, and versatility in mind. Oh yeah, and they’re dry. Inspired by the scaly skin and expanding rib cage of the Komodo Dragon, Komodo covers are designed to be impervious to the elements, protecting your boat from anything mother nature can throw at it. With expanding beams that act like a rib cage, the cover starts off easy to pull over your boat, and once secured, automatically tensions to take up all the remaining slack. The control unit that makes all of this happen runs double duty- keeping the cover taut and the interior dry with integrated heat and dehumidification. Not only are these features beneficial for daily use- allowing boats to dry out overnight, but they also allow for effective, long-term outdoor storage. All this, but at what cost? Less than half the cost of heated boat storage for one winter.

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