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The Materials That Make up the Komodo Cover

We often like to talk about boat trips, boat investment, and all the fun stuff to do with the industry at Komodo Covers. However, we realized that we have never delved into the nitty gritty of what makes our cover special.

For those of you who like material science and all the technical details required to design state-of-the-art products—today is your lucky day. Let’s analyze the elements behind the tarp, frame, and bladder elements of Komodo’s cover and why they are so effective.

A Taught and Impermeable Cover

The greatest strategy to ensure a boat's durability and structural integrity is frequently to keep it covered. Preventing oxidation and moisture ingress should be the first step, but there are many other factors to take into account than the weather—the location of your boat storage is also crucial.

Luckily, no matter where you decide to store your boat, Komodo will have you covered, thanks to the proprietary nonporous and antimicrobial cover material. And, with mold and mildew being one of the biggest silent killers of boats, owners can rest easy knowing that it will not affect their pride and joy.

The tarp is constructed with seam welding, with nothing loosely sewn on. This high-frequency welding technology bonds the pieces of fabric together at a microscopic level, resulting in a one-piece cover with zero leaks and no weak points.

The last point on the tarp itself is that it can be easily accessed thanks to YKK marine zippers, meaning that the industry-first access door can allow entry into the boat while the cover remains firmly in place.

The Inflatable Bladder and Frame

The Komodo Cover is engineered for maximum cover tension, allowing any water to drain off the cover easily. This is because the inflatable frame (Air Frame) creates a steep roof angle allowing gravity to work its magic, leaving no water pooling on the cover.

The Air Frame is compiled from a two-part system. Firstly, there is a lightweight, durable Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bladder surrounded by the aforementioned cover material, protecting the bladder from the possibility of puncture.

Secondly, there is a frame attached to the underside of the tarp and constructed from 7oz polyurethane-coated nylon fabric. The Air Frame is monitored with the aid of the Kommander Console (which we will discuss another time) and controlled for any fluctuations in temperature. In order for the Air Frame to inflate, there is a Halkey valve with a quick connect hose. A threaded mechanical pressure valve is used for pressure relief, allowing for a low-energy cover pressure maintenance system.

All in all, the Komodo Cover has been created with multiple boat brands in mind, meaning that from the moment you purchase, it will be ready to fit your boat seamlessly. The custom-made parts—from the rear tension straps to the tower integration section—are not available anywhere else. Our years of experience in various industries (automotive, aerospace, marine, manufacturing, and textile) make us primed to deliver the most durable cover imaginable.

For a closer look at our cover, have a browse through our online catalog!

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