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Automated Set Up

It is easy to set up your Kommander. You don't even need to download the app, just hook it up to 12V power and press the climate control button or the fill button.

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Complete Monitoring and climate control

Once your Kommader is connected to the internet. You will have live access to your boat at all times. You will be able to turn your climate control on and off, adjust your notification settings, and if anything is out of range, you will be notified immediately.

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Monitor Multiple Boats

If you monitor and maintain more than one boat, you can easily add them all to your account, which allows the user to view and monitor all of the boats on one page. This could also be a great resource for Marina Management.

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Built In Help & Chat Functionality

If you're having problems or have a question about your Kommander or Cover, just open your app and select help. We help get you sorted out without having to fill out any forums or wait on hold.

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Set Alerts

What works for you. The Kommander app allows you to set your own notification settings so you can take care of your boat in a way that works for you.


Pin Security

All Kommaders can be secured with a pin so your Kommander cannot be accessed by other users on the same wifi.


Upload Photos

If you have multiple boats, the app lets you upload your favorite photo of each boat so you can keep them all straight.

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Use Multiple Kommanders in One Vessel

If have a big boat, the app allows you to place multiple Kommanders in different rooms and control them independently.

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History of Notifications

If you're wondering if you have a reoccurring issue, the history tab is where you go. There, it will show a full history of all notifications.